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Baby Chicks in Rm 102- May 2024

Cheep! Cheep! Mrs. Harpe and Mrs. Huberts hatched 18 little baby chicks this year with the help of Mrs. Bentt! There were 30 eggs that were viable and 18 of them hatched into cute little baby chicks! The chicks were black, yellow and some were even brown! The Grade 3’s are learning about plants and animals in Science, so hatching the baby chicks was the perfect addition to their Science unit. The Grade 3’s and Mrs. Bentt are hoping that all the new babies are girls! The sweet little babies are currently living at Mrs. Bentt's funny farm and then moving to Edmonton to live with Mrs. Harpe’s sister!  Submitted by Mrs. Huberts.

Grade 4 Bike Rodeo- May 2024

Our grade 4 classes had their annual Bike Rodeo yesterday to learn all about bicycle safety. Thank you to the Peace River RCMP and Alberta Health Services, Public Health for coming out to support this event.

Earth Day 2024 Clean up with- Mme Jeffs

Carnaval 2024!

Our French Immersion students had a chance to participate in the 2024 St. Isidore Carnaval! Classes were able to enjoy a sleigh ride, partake in drumming and dancing workshops and even enjoy some maple taffy. It was so much fun!

Hier, nos étudiants d'immersion française ont eu la chance de participer au Carnaval de Saint-Isidore! Nous avons fait une promenade en traîneau, participé à des ateliers de tambour et de danse et même mangé un peu de tire d'érable. C'était tellement amusant! Découvrez quelques photos de la journée sur ce lien.

St. Isidore Carnaval February 2023

All of Springfield's French classes spent the day in St. Isidore enjoying all the Carnaval activities on Feb 14th.