PRSD thanks substitute teachers

PRSD thanks substitute teachers

Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week - - - March 12-16, 2018

Peace River School Division (PRSD) would like to take this opportunity to thank substitute teachers for their valuable service to students, staff, schools and the division. While Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportune time to thank substitute teachers for their contributions, PRSD appreciates the outstanding service and dedication of substitute teachers on an on-going basis.

"We value the high quality of service substitute teachers provide to our students, staff and schools" says Board Chair Darren Kuester. "Substitute teachers play a major role in providing continuity in the educational experience of our students, families and school operations which includes a huge variety of tasks in addition to classroom instruction."

Substitute teachers not only fulfill teaching duties while teachers are unable to be in the classroom, many times duties can also include planning, parent meetings, supervision duties and grading for teachers that are absent for long periods, and in many cases with short notice.

“Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week" provides an opportunity to recognize the valuable service that substitute teachers provide. Substitute teachers play an essential role in maintaining the continuity and excellence of the learning process.

"To our substitute teachers, thank you for your flexibility, passion, care and dedication to education. You are important members of the Peace River School Division family and we are grateful for the positive difference you make in the lives of students, staff, families and school communities.”