Full-time kindergarten option offered at some PRSD schools

Full-time kindergarten option offered at some PRSD schools

Peace River School Division (PRSD) Board of Trustees has approved the addition of a full-time/full day kindergarten programming option for three communities in the division. The new kindergarten option will be offered at Springfield Elementary in Peace River, Kennedy Elementary School in Grimshaw, and Lloyd Garrison School in Berwyn.

“Our vision at PRSD is to be the first choice for students, and part of being the first choice is offering options” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “Over the last several months some parents in Peace River, Grimshaw and Berwyn expressed increased interest in the option of a kindergarten program that would have children attending full school days, five days per week” he added.

There are a variety of kindergarten programs available in schools throughout the division including half and full day options, but currently no full day programs that run five days per week. After careful review including consultation with school and divisional administrators the Superintendent of Schools recommended to the Board of Trustees at the April 19, 2016 Board meeting that the board introduce the new program in the three communities that had demonstrated a level of interest significant enough to support the program. The board voted unanimously to support the recommendation.

“It certainly isn’t a final decision; there is always the option to adjust the program and to bring it to other schools if there is a need for it. We listened to parents, communities and school administrators and the conclusion was that current options for kindergarten are working well and meeting the needs of families in Manning and Nampa.” Kuester also points out that the board is open to expanding the program “if the situation changes and a need is indicated we will certainly revisit the decision and consider the option of expanding further.”

The new full-time kindergarten program will be available beginning in the 2016-2017 school year at Kennedy Elementary School, Lloyd Garrison School and in both English and French Immersion at Springfield Elementary School. Parents in these communities are encouraged to contact their school to find out more about options available for their child going into kindergarten.

“We look forward to seeing this exciting new option available in our schools and are pleased to be offering kindergarten programming that supports our vision of being the first choice for students as a dynamic learning community focused on student success”

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