Program Information

Early Childhood Program

First Steps:

Our First Steps program began in the 2003-2004 school year as pilot project, and has grown into a full time program. It is an early intervention program for preschool children with delays in speech, fine and gross motor skills. The class is set up so that each child has his/her own program tailored to his/her individual needs. A speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist help the teacher with assessing the individual needs and suggesting programming for the children. The program has educational assistants to aide the teacher in delivering individual student programs. A typical day in the class includes calendar activities, group and individual speech therapy sessions, singing songs, craft time, story time, snack time, gym, and center time.



Springfield School offers kindergarten programs in both French Immersion and English. Children should be five years old as of September 1 st to register. Some parents may wish to register their children at four years old if their birthday falls in September or October if they feel this is right for their young child. Early entrance testing is required to register a child who is four years old until November or December. Early entrance testing is done at Springfield School by the kindergarten teacher.


  • Child Centered Learning
  • Timely Assessment of Skills Reported to Parents
  • Quality Lessons/Centers Designed to Give the Students the Necessary Skills to Be Successful in Grade One
  • Current Technology in the Classrooms including Computers and SmartBoards

Students Take Part In:

  • Numerous Field Trips
  • Music Class
  • Assemblies
  • Library Class
  • Christmas Concert
  • Computer Class
  • Book Bag Program
  • Gym Class

French Program

French Immersion:

French Immersion Programmming is offered from Kindergaten to Grade 4 at École Springfield School.  This program allows children to be introduced to the French language at the kindergarten level and continue programming until grade 4.  After leaving École Springfield  School students can continue to take French Immersion Programming at TA Norris School and then Peace River High School.

French as a Second Language:

Students at the grade 4 level have the opportunity to study French as a Second Language with 30 minutes classes each day. The students learn commands, the days of the week, monthsof the year, numbers 1-31, and weather in French. The students learn chants, songs and games as well. This program is for all children who would like to know more about one of Canada’s official languages. It’s challenging and fun, helping to foster a love of languages.

Lunch Program

Milk Program:

Springfield ’s Milk Program is coordinated by Mrs. Sleger.  Club Moo is sponsored by Alberta Milk Producers. The Alberta Milk Producers offer small incentives throughout the year to encourage children to drink milk. This program has been running at Springfield for over 15 years.

Order forms are sent home before each block. Parents may order for a full week or partial week. White and chocolate milk are available. Both White and chocolate milk offer the same great nutritional value.
Hot Lunch Program:

A Hot Lunch Program is offered to students throughout the year. We alternate a Hot dog lunch, a slice of pizza and Dairy Queen lunches. An order form is sent home for each block.
Breakfast/Lunch Program:

Springfield offers a Breakfast and Lunch Program to students who forget their lunches at home.  In our canteen is a selection of breakfast and lunch items for children to access.  In supply is a variety of breakfast cereals, milk and sandwiches.

Volunteers are always welcome to make up the weekly collection of sandwiches or go shopping for the program.  Please contact the school if you are interested in volunteering.

Library Program


During the morning recess Springfield's Library Helpers, on their assigned days, meet in the library to learn different duties. As the school year goes on they will learn how to properly shelve a book, keep their assigned domains tidy, plus many other jobs. Students gain a respect for the library by enjoying reading, putting books back where they belong and keeping a neat and tidy environment.

Bag of Books:

The Bag of Books program is a wonderful opportunity to promote literacy at the kindergarten level.  Books and activities have been selected to foster enjoyment of children’s literature and to nurture life long reading habits. The books, activities and parent information sheets provide meaningful reading experiences that support classroom learning.

There are 3 sets of twenty bags each. Each child will have a bag for about a week, bring it back and then take home another one. Activities outlined in the parent letter in each bag are only suggested activities. There is no correct sequence you must follow. The aim is for your child to have a fun, creative and enjoyable time with the book bags, not to have a “homework like” activity.

Recycling Program

Paper Recycling

Springfield has a recycling club that meets once a month.  The group is made up of 1 representative from each classroom.  These responsible students meet on the first Wednesday of each month and gather all the paper from each room for recycling.

When weather permits, the students and teacher representatives walk the paper to the community recycling bins.  The students work together to make sure all the paper gets recycled.  They also inform their classmates about the types of paper that can be recycled.

Penelope the Composting Pig:
Springfield Elementary is pleased to welcome Penelope Pig to the recycling team.  Penelope's job is to take all organic left-over lunch items and turn them into compost.  Penelope especially likes to eat orange peels, apple cores and banana peels.  Penelope is not fond of meat, plastic or tin and the students are discouraged from feeding those items to her.

Each classroom has a small composting bin.  Every day the composting bin is emptied.  Our student volunteers enjoy feeding Penelope our Composting Pig!

Juice Box Recycling:

Springfield also recycles juice boxes.  During the lunch hour each week, Grade 3 students visit classrooms and collect empty juice boxes.  The boxes are stored in large plastic bags and taken to the recycling bin at the end of the year.

Milk Box Recycling:

With the help of the Peace River Bottle Depot, Springfield is also recycling our milk boxes.