MacLellan - Technology

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FRENCH LANGUAGE ARTS: - Various French activities. - Reading activities.  - Some fun French songs! - French videos, games and more.

SCIENCE: - Science games for Wheels and Levers unit. - Simple Machines game - Variety of Simple Machines games - Rube Goldberg - Recycling Game - City of Edmonton recycling game - Recycle it quix, hosted by a worm! - Drag and drop sorting game. - Energy Hog game!

ART: - Step by step drawing videos featuring a Dad and his children! - Lots of games and activities for all subject areas.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: - Writing a letter. - Kid friendly search engine. - Bookflix (Listen to reading - can only be accessed at school). - A fun word game with chickens! - Various Language games. - Storyline Online (listen to reading). - Raz Kids (reading practice).

SOCIAL STUDIES: - Alberta Regions Information. - More Alberta Regions Information. - Build your own Tipi! - Interactive info on the regions - Zoom in on the regions! En Français. - Scratch Games!


Digital Citizenship!

Please read over at home and look at the topics. We cover some of this at school.


Dance Mat Typing

Z Type