MacLellan - French

Here are some links to practice French at home:

Yes! You can help your child in French Immersion!

1. This website is AWESOME! It has translations, pronounciations, high frequency words and a lot more.


2. Need some extra practice in reading? Do you want to help your child build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension plus more? Teacher Certified Tutoring is a company that can tutor your child from the comfort of their own home, using a computer. All tutors are certified Teachers. Check out their website for more information.


3. Here is a website that explains how letters and blends sound in French. Very useful while reading with your child!


4. Want to learn French yourself or help your child out with their French?


5. Listen and follow along to French stories: - user is demo9 and pass is entrer9


6. Practice vocabulary and more:


7. Verb conjugation - great for writing practice!


8. Scholar's Education Centre can provide a lot of support - they tutor in French too! :


French dictionary:

French thesaurus (synonyms):

French/English dictionary: